The Value of a Piece of Asphalt

The Value of a Piece of Asphalt
The Value of a Piece of Asphalt

All too often we have had to turn people away from shelter because they had something or someone in their life we could not accommodate.

Sometimes it was a pet they would not put up for boarding, and as any pet owner can attest to this, that pets are like family to us, for many surviving on the street, they truly are their best friend. Some were couples that had to sleep apart or ended up being assessed to split up to two different locations. Some were war veterans that had PTSD and the shelter environment was too triggering. Some were openly harassed based on appearance or sexual orientation and shelters were not a safe space. And some were families, for whom sheltering is not an option for care of the system for young children.

The SafeLot program was born out of a need to fill this gap in our current system.

Many factors contribute to why one may end up homeless, but regardless of why, once they are homeless, our role is to assist them to get them to a stable environment. And from that point we can take the next step with them as we assess their needs and support them in the belief that they can move beyond these circumstances.

We give them HOPE.

I am so glad our organization is called HOPE because it is such a powerful word. So powerful that it can truly change anyone. I know that without it I don’t even want to face tomorrow. With hope, I am confident and can take life’s challenges with a little more confidence.

Too many faced with sleeping in their cars face a daunting challenge of finding a safe place to park. Even when they do find parking, they still need to find a restroom, a shower, and a place for their belongings. And all of this happens while trying to maintain a job, or take care of a family. I have no doubt you can relate how time consuming it is just to maintain your own life, imagine having this to deal with as well.

How important a piece of asphalt can be.

I am happy to be able to offer a little hope in the form of a parking lot. To turn some uninhabited asphalt into a ‘Safe Lot for those reduced to sleeping in their cars.

To most in our great city this parking lot looks like any other but to those that park in this lot each night, they receive food, clothing, shower, community, resources and most of all, HOPE. Hope that everything is going to be ok.

Thank you for supporting HOPE so we can turn asphalt into HOPE for our fellow human beings in their own moment of need.

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