Support Without Judgment

Written by Andy Schwartz, Volunteer and Street Outreach Coordinator

I recently received a facebook message from someone I didn’t know. Out of curiosity I read the message.

I had to “facebook stalk” this person to jog my memory. I looked at his pictures and some of his old posts. Then it all came back. I know who he is.  He used to live in his truck and slept near Roosevelt Park. He was a drinker. He wasn’t working and enjoyed his time in the sun. We talked many times about his past, where his life was at the moment and what he’d like it to be. Then he disappeared.

It is now a few years later and he reached out to thank me and HOPE for standing by him without judgement. Through encouragement, Bill checked himself into rehab and was now more than two years sober. He is back in touch with his adult kids, is part of a strong relationship, has a home and holds a steady job.

People disappear on us regularly. They use HOPE services and then are gone. I always think that if we don’t see someone for a long time that they are doing better. It’s inspiring when we are proven right.


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