Sunflower Shines a Light

Sunflowers. Their brightly arrayed petals and robust stalks seek the sun.

There is a community bank in our midst that has taken what the sunflower represents to be a model for their banking. What is that model? According to them there are two facets of a sunflower:

It is dependent on its environment to survive.

It is devoted to brighten the community in which it thrives.

One of the ways Sunflower Bank of Longmont is doing this is by becoming a community partner of HOPE.  

The founding of Sunflower Bank, so similar to other community banks in our midst, comes from the vision of the Hale Family.  Mr. and Mrs. Hale, a husband and wife team, started as the Kansas Agricultural Bank committed to their local community. The bank has stayed in the family, with the children now owning it. Agriculture is a school in which dependance upon and benfit toward the environment around you is paramount.

The banking venture has grown to 5 billion in assets giving them a tremendous amount of freedom to be used in service and they certainly continue this devotion in each city.

In our city, Longmont, Sunflower stepped up when COVID first reaked its havoc upon us by making sure that every child was fed. Many children depend upon school lunches and programs, and when schools shut down there was not a backup plan in place. Sunflower staff were there to meet that need.

Sunflower also steps up to the plate, with staff volunteering and funding, for programs such as The Inn Between, Colorado Friendship and even Able to Sail (a nonprofit organized to support at risk youth.) The newly hired branch manager, Travis stated he was moved to be part of a bank that is, ‘both small yet big, intimate yet powerful like a big player.’

Another contribution Sunflower knows they have to offer is financial literacy. We all know that finances can be stressful for anyone, and so this bank thought it would be awesome to start allaying such concerns at an early age by participating in Community Impact Day at our city’s schools to help children understand financial skills.

We are incredibly fortunate to have such well-rounded support by our banks who can easily be seen like the banks in Mary Poppins! Far from intimidating and exacting, Sunflower Bank’s staff and vision are to be friends with their customers, a source of joy and light.


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