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July 1st

Kickoff! Mad Dog Blues



The Mad Dog Blues

The Mad Dog Blues is an acoustic, harmonica-driven, string band with a unique blues style indigenous to Colorado in the 21st Century. We call it Colorado Country Blues because it combines what is internationally known as the “Colorado Sound” (or “jam grass”) with traditional Southern rural blues. With Mad Dog Friedman on harmonica, Sean Bennight on acoustic guitar, Jeff Becker on mandolin, Clark Chanslor on standup bass, Mark Kaczorowski on acoustic guitar and Bill “Big Willy” Palmer on acoustic guitar, Mad Dog Blues is a coalition of top-notch, veteran musicians dedicated to exploring this new sound in both their song writing and performances. Links to their music, videos, social media and more may be found at

July 2nd

Cat Jerky


July 2nd Cat Jerky 7-9pm

Cat Jerky

Cat Jerky plays an eclectic mix of music ranging from Johnny Cash to Stevie Ray to Black Sabbath.  And all of it is dialed up to “PARTY”!

July 8th

Irish, Scottish, Folk Delight



Irish, Scottish, Folk

Melding the musical traditions of Sweden and Ireland, Sandra and Jon take you on a journey through traditional music and more. Joy radiates in the music they make, featuring violin, guitar, nyckelharpa, and tenor banjo. Ruby Begay sings love poems for the soul. With lilting melodies and poignant lyrics she peels back the layers that separate us from each other and from our own essence. Her songs are tendrils of compassion and encouragement that guide us toward deeper tenderness as we navigate this messy and magical life. She weaves a musical tapestry of heart-softening positivity through finger picking guitar, otherworldly loop-pedal harmonies, and lyrics that are rooted in the soils of our collective human experience.
Ruby’s debut album: Bandcamp and is available on all streaming platforms.

July 15th

Jambu Avery Brewing Company




Jambu is an instrumental quartet from Boulder playing the music of Brazil, especially choro, an instrumental genre born in 19th century Rio. Choro, meaning “cry” or “lament”, fuses European dance forms like polkas and waltzes with African-origin rhythms, particularly Brazil’s beloved samba. With its improvisation, complexity, and virtuosity, choro is one of the most sophisticated instrumental popular musics, and considered the first characteristically Brazilian genre of urban popular music. Besides choro, Jambu also performs other Brazilian genres like samba, bossa nova, and forró.

This evening will feature: Jeff Schuler (violin & mandolin,) Raoul Rossiter (pandeiro & percussion,) Dexter Payne (clarinets & sax,) Bill Kopper (6 and 7-string guitars)

July 22nd

The Well Intentioned Band



The Well Intentioned Band

The Well Intentioned is a 5 piece classic rock cover band.  With two guitars, keys, drum, bass and vocals, they cover a wide range of tunes from mostly the 70’s and 80’s, including Steely Dan, Electric Light Orchestra (ELO), Cheap Trick, REO Speedwagon, The Beatles, ZZ Top, Doobie Brothers and many more.  The Longmont based group has been together in its current lineup since early 2021 and dates to 2012 when Konrad Kummli met Larry Annarelli through a Craigslist ad.  Various band members and musical development ensued over the years until the right mix of musical goals and talent level intersected to form the current group.  Most tunes are played true to their original form and the majority of the song selections are up tempo and dance friendly.  The band plays throughout Northern Colorado and has headlined at Dickens Opera House, The Wild Game, and a range of other venues.  “We are five guys who love to play the music we grew up with and want to share it with our audience and spread the joy that music brings.”

You can follow us on facebook and find more information about us on our website,

July 29th

Closing Band–50 Shades of Blue!



50 Shades Of Blue

During a recent radio interview, the interviewer asked, “Who is the band leader?”   We looked at each other and shrugged.  

50 SHADES OF BLUE  is truly a collaborative, democratic band.   Like all democracies our creative process can be noisy and even contentious.  But the end result is always better than anyone had imagined in the first place!

You take some of Dan Crecco’s New Orleans tinged drums and percussion, add Christine Webb’s soulful vocals and solid bass lines, then throw in Doc Seely’s mastery of all things with six strings, and you have yourself a savory gumbo of funkilicious blues and R&B.


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