Stapp Toyota~In It~For the Long Run

Many of you know Stapp Toyota and their deep devotion to the local community within their business and beyond. When they began so many years ago, and celebrated the sale of 15 cars/month, the cherished relationship with their local community was forged.

And it is a relationship that is all about longevity.

Debbi Stapp discloses, ‘it is the community that built our business by patronizing us, and we will always be indebted and grateful to this community that we call family.’ This sentiment is one to be proud of, that is~not losing site of where you have come from and why you have success~which prompted a curious question I had to ask Debbie, ‘What makes you unique?’

She found it easy to articulate foundational qualities that make Stapp Toyota a unique car dealership in our community.

First, Debbie started, ‘We are still family owned, we have not sold out to a larger buyer even though we have grown tremendously.’ This means that while Stapp Toyota is a BIG business in our community, they have kept its roots and its decision-making agency within their own family.

Second, she goes on easily, ‘We do everything with the hope of life-long commitment. We take what we do personally and think through our policies to keep everything very personal.

If you come to Stapp, there is always a Stapp here. That is the third unique quality. It is one thing that Stapp still owns the dealership, and it is another that you could walk in and talk with a Stapp family member, just like I was doing with Debbie. ‘Our senior manager went to high school with the oldest Stapp son,’ Debbie mentioned with pride.

It is something to be proud of, because it takes integrity and commitment to keep a business a family business even when it grows beyond the size of a mom and pop shop.

Transparency is integral to their approach. Everyone matters. Holistic approach that has sered them well.

The last quality goes into the decision making of the owners. Balance on all levels is very important to the Stapps. Debbie mentioned it is just as common for personal cares to be talked about alongside professional questions and decisions. Every employee is cared for, is treated like they matter. When it comes into policies the discussion goes to care for the employee, care for the customer and care for the business. These are not easy points to accomplish, it is much easier to accomplish one at the compromise of another but Stapp aspires to accomplishing all three. One of the ways this policy plays out is in the practice that there is one point of contact if you come as a customer to purchase a car. You are not shuffled from one ‘department’ to the next, having to move through the process with numerous individuals. You meet ONE Stapp personnel and that ONE person walks through the entire process with you. To accomplish this Stapp provides trainings to help their employees understand the entire flow of the process.

‘While this may be a little extra work up front for the employee,’ Debbie notes, ‘in the long run it benefits them and the customer more.

It is pretty easy to see how Stapp is in it for the long run…may they be among us for decades to come!


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