Roz Says Yes

Roz Weller
Roz Weller

It was lovely to sit with longtime volunteer and Board of Directors member, Roz Weller to hear her HOPE story. this last week.

And what a great play upon words to find that every story of our nonprofit, HOPE, is a story OF hope.

The stories of hope abound for every member of our HOPE family irrespective of our roles as volunteer, staff, participant/client, benefactor and even funding agency.

This commonality dissolves the boundaries that seem to separate us, and is at the heart of the HOPE mission to change the community in which we live, so that the stigma and the challenges of the unhoused may also change, for the better, and for lasting good.

Roz is a brilliant example of a story of HOPE. Upon moving to Longmont about 8 years ago she looked to see where she could volunteer. That choice alone is inspiring. Roz is like so many of our volunteers that know donating time and talent are an important part of their lives.

She started as a soup angel, moved by her love to cook. But it didn’t stop there. Over time her manifold gifts led her to be recruited for the Board as a co-secretary. Having been secretary of many organizations and skillful with writing this too was a great fit. And yet, it didn’t stop there, for Roz knew she wanted to be in touch with the actual service of HOPE. So she began working at the shelter and even developed a sewing service to help the participants mend anything from knapsacks to socks.

Her yes to service and to HOPE’s mission was and is the leading force.

It begs a question to each of us- What is your yes?

And are you letting your yes lead you? Are you using your voice to seek answers to the direction you feel inclined to do? Do you wish to offer more of yourself in any particular way or area?

Her yes harkens to an adage found in many inspirational texts, ‘seek and you shall find.’

To seek is to open new doors, like our participants who go unhoused. They open a new door when they say yes to letting us help them. To seek is to ask new questions, like our staff who strive to meet the needs of an ever-changing community. To seek is to offer new answers, like our volunteers who see a need and propose the perfect solution. To seek is to give voice to the social issues like HOPE and so many nonprofits who draw attention to the deeper challenges so that examination can change the culture for the better.

Roz shows up with deep thoughtfulness, offering ideas on committees, offering service by seeking donations and offering support using her hands and heart. What ways might each of us go out of our comfort zone to give our yes in a new way to the world? Your yes, just like Roz’s, is the inspiration for which our world was made.

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