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Sticker Giant a GIANT supporter of our local community.

Shandell Clutter, Community and Event manager of this progressive organization sits with me on a pretty hot and sunny day, happily handing me a box of new HOPE stickers designed and donated to us.

Stickers have become a powerful form of inspiration and motivation in our society. We put them on our computers, our water bottles, our bumpers and bags. We snag them at festivals, markets, coffee shops and restaurants. They have become a messenger that goes with us and stays with us on a daily basis.

Shandell told me how much they realize at Sticker Giant the influence and power they hold. It is one of the things that makes her so happy to be a part of the organization. ‘It is a way we can create change in the world,’ she says. Think of the iconic images like the peace sign and the yellow happy face that have become universal messages communicating what they mean through symbol.

3 phrases that describe the heart of the company

Unknowing of their core values I asked Shandell, ‘What are three words that describe the heart of your company…Shandell, who has been with the 21 year old company for the past three years responded without a moment’s reflection. ‘I am not sure I can come up with just three words, but there are definitely three phrases,’ she smiled.

Positive Energy.

‘We all affect each other, and our company wants to name the importance of contributing positive energy day by day,’ she names. At Sticker Giant the employees are encouraged to assess what we need in order to bring positive energy and to receive it from each other. They are supported in doing what they need to do to be true to this important quality of their company. How incredibly inspirational it is to see this kind of goal as important enough to support.

All In

‘We love what we call being All In,’ says Shandell. This means giving our best, being willing to be open and transparent, and being excited about the third quality which is, Learn and Grow. It also means taking care of health and self. When each person takes care of themselves, they are able to show up more fully…they can be ALL IN.

Learn and Grow

‘For us, we believe we have something to learn from each other and something to teach each other,’ Shandell explains. This includes not only learning complimentary skills that contribute to the goals of making stickers, but also learning on a personal basis as well. To be a community at Sticker Giant means that the organization is the place to grow.

Ongoing learning includes mental health days, conferences that are not only skill and tactical learning but enriching.

The entire organization supports the goal of communicating transparently and to offering acceptance and support in the process.

I found myself wondering what it would be like if these qualities that Shandell is naming are at the heart of the organization were part of the operating philosophy and procedure of every company. What would our business world look like if this were the case?

Sticker Giant started in the year 2000 with just 2 employees. In just 21 years the organization has grown to 115 and distributes throughout the country and to Mexico and Canada.

If you take a look on their about page you will see front and center, ‘Our purpose is to create a good company to work for…’

There is so much to learn about Sticker Giant, take a look on their website and you will find the following headings: ‘employee cookbook, community sponsorships, sticker day, announcements about SAUL (the world’s largest sticker ball,’) and their ongoing initiative to inspire the community around them. Presently they have started a fun campaign called, ‘One Giant Community,’ Shandell even gave me stickers about it, which is probably no surprise. This campaign gives the local communities of their customers a chance to draw close and post through Instagram, FB, tiktok and even host their own Podcasts. Shandell and the Sticker Giant community has been incredibly excited to see what their customers will do…they may have come up with the idea but it is the local communities that will be leading the inspirational posts.

Sticker Giant understands the power of messaging a mission in a sticker…they consider themselves ambassadors of great messages and so they are. In fact, they are ambassadors of the message power contained in something as small as a sticker.


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