For Community, In Community

For Community, In Community

Longmont Community Hospital through the eyes of three women

Mary, Alissa and Adena sit around a common table with me. The physical table was a symbol of the common inspiration and vision they carry vibrantly in their hearts for the Hospital where they serve. That hospital is the 60-year running Longmont United Hospital.

Over and again, in varied words the three women shared examples of how deeply committed the organization is to serving the local community AS PART OF the community. Mary, CNE, mentioned how the care goes beyond traditional bounds in her story of dropping in on a neighbor once they were back in their home after medical care. Adena, MSW/LCSW, emphasized her years at the hospital are grounded in respect and care going in all directions, towards her and towards every person as integral to participating IN community. And Alissa, RN, MN, NPD-BC, sees Longmont United as embodying the unique quality of compassionate caring that remains centered on the individual.

But what might this actually mean? What are the principles that drive Longmont United as a large organization to consider their responsibility one of being keeping care in the community around them?

First would be the foundational mission of the hospital AND its partnership with Centura Health which focuses care upon the WHOLE person, body-mind-spirit. The three devoted women were not shy to name the importance of all three of these in their care in asking the questions and responding to the relevant need. Those coming to the hospital for care for one issue, perhaps a physical symptom or ailment, will find they are also offered support emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. The hospital allows its faith based philosophy to be the impelling resource in honoring the diverse beliefs of those before them, taking extra care to listen and respond with intelligence, compassion and integrity. This care goes much further than treatment within the facility, Adena referenced practitioners’ process to also ask questions upon patients release to be sure they have the support they need for their healing in their homes.

The strength underlying such whole person care comes from the sense of purpose, mission and passion the employees, many of whom have worked their for decades, bring to their day to day work. Longmont United Hospital offers steady education to instill this mission of whole person care within community, and to allow their core values to take on new meaning as the needs of the people and times around them change. It is common that the Longmont United Hospital family members can recite all 7 values like you might rattle off the names of their loved ones, with great familiarity and a certain sense of pride.

In these times of distress the women highlighted many ways the hospital is asking new questions to see how they can serve with greater relevance. An impressive gap analysis has been in action for a few years now, drawing together key staff to look deeply at the most pressing needs of the local community and the ways the hospital can bring their mission beyond the walls of the physical buildings.

One key way is the deepening partnership with HOPE. Longmont United Hospital has chosen to be the presenting sponsor for the second year of HOPE’s main fundraising gala, Celebrate HOPE. This sponsorship goes beyond the September 25th virtual gala, including initiatives to support HOPE in offering medical respite for those in need after hospital stays. And the plans do not stop there but rather start there as the two organizations take solid steps to assist those who need housing and those who need jobs.

With the changes in our society during this pandemic happening lightning fast before our eyes, Mary, Alissa and Adena left no doubt in the common table around which we sat, that Longmont United Hospital is here to answer the growing needs and to walk with the Longmont community every step of the way. They are an example to all of us as a path of encouragement, a force for good in our midst, where the resources of a large organization are harnessed towards the benefit of every individual.

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