COVID response and updates

We are incredibly grateful to our volunteers, our staff, our partners and the additional funding that has made it possible to triple our programming since the pandemic wrought its havoc in our community.

When many organizations, businesses and public resource facilities needed to close their doors to follow state and federal guidance we increased resources to fill the gaps and keep pace with the needs of our community.

We could not do it without you.

In March of 2020 we opened a day shelter running 7 days a week. This haven offered all the same services as our night shelter. The need for this extended service had ended but we are ready to re-open as needed. Our emergency shelter for severe weather has opened numerous days already in 2021 and our nighttime navigation shelter remains a strong force of support for our unhoused.

In addition we opened our first SafeLot safe parking lot in June of 2020 to serve those sleeping in their cars. These families and individuals are reduced to this stressful situation due to barriers to traditional shelter. As we housed 18 in about 6 months we also secured partnerships and funding to open 2 more parking lots in Longmont and our first one in Boulder with two more locations standing in the wings ready to be the next providers.

These risks to meet the needs of our community that is now challenged through the socio-economic instability exacerbated by the pandemic require funding to sustain. If you are inclined, support us as you are able! Your assistance can help move a fellow human being into a home.

Amidst this expansion we pace ourselves with the observance of all the guidelines and protocols required by the governing agencies. This involved weekly meetings to both learn new information (passed on to our clients or implemented by our staff) and report on how things are going on our end.

We continue to put these practices into action and continue to discern how best to assist our clients in their discernment of the best choices for their health. If you have any questions regarding our present protocols please feel encouraged to reach out to us! If you visit our staff page, you can choose the person that is the best point of contact for your inquiry. We are here to allay your concern and provide valuable information and access to resources to all who knock on our door.

Stay tuned for updates.

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