Building Blocks

Story by Peggy Konold, HOPE Client Advocate

I met a young man last year while working in Boulder, his name was Kevin. Recently homeless, Kevin was struggling with his addiction to alcohol which is what put him on the streets, he has been thrown out of a sober living house for being drunk and suicidal. On top of it all, he had a ticket with an upcoming court date.

Kevin explained to me he was struggling with suicidal thoughts.
We worked on a safety plan and set him up with Medicaid and got him an appointment with a doctor.

Kevin became more open with his addiction and we began working on coping skills.
We worked even more closely together.

We worked on Kevin’s credit by getting him a credit report and working on payments and getting items dismissed as well. We were able to open a bank account in his name and boost his score 100 points. 

Kevin and I baked cakes and decorated a lot of cookies.
We built Legos and watched how to videos on small crafts to keep him busy.
Building blocks of trust leading to personal growth.

HOPE secured a gym pass so he could work out on his days off, and we stocked him up with coloring pages markers and pencils as well. Working with our partner, The Inn Between, we moved him into this transitional housing where he continued his sobriety.  

I accompanied Kevin to court to where he had passed all of his UA’s and was given a deferred sentence. 

Even though his time with HOPE has been completed, Kevin contacts me and keeps me up to date and how he is doing, he is still sober and working. AND,

He is moving in to his new home next week where his very first credit card will arrive in the mail.


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