Compassion. Community. Encouragement. Leadership. Stewardship.

During a frigid winter of 2006/07 five people died of exposure related illnesses in Boulder County and a dedicated group of citizens responded. They started a Longmont based, year-round street outreach to homeless individuals. Soon after, HOPE was formed (May 13) and established as a 501(c)(3) on June 12, 2007. For many years HOPE was run primarily by volunteers, who are still a thriving part of HOPE’s ever-growing services. They are now joined by dedicated full time staff, dedicated board and many more part time staff.

The Mission of HOPE

We exist so that the unhoused may have a home.

The Vision of HOPE

We hold a noble vision that:
Every person in our community is valued and lives with dignity and freedom.

Many thanks to our 12 devoted shelter staff and growing SafeLot staff not pictured here. We couldn’t do it without you!

Core Values

We become the community for those we serve and we are successful because we work within and are supported by the larger community. In light of this interdependence we constantly seek new forms of collaboration so that our mission may be accomplished.
We are here to listen to, honor and protect the identity and dignity of each person. Every person deserves the opportunity for freedom and happiness and we know the way that comes about is to honor the unique path of each individual.
We know that it takes honesty and respect to be a true friend in life, and so we aspire to these qualities with each other, with those we serve and in relation to the issues we address. We strive to walk our talk every moment of every day.
These two qualities are the greatest gifts we can offer those we serve and our community. It is when empathy and compassion are offered and received that true change for the good happens.
Our entire mission is one of service. It is one where we passionately seek to serve the concerns and needs of those who are vulnerable and unhoused. This altruism keeps us flexible to learn new and relevant ways to meet the needs of those that come to us.
We stand as one solution to the long time problem of housing and equality for all. Our very programming makes a statement about the complex issue in our midst. Our staff and volunteers are deeply moved to make a difference in our community and the world.

Our Board of Directors

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