A Letter From Ray

A Letter From Ray
A Letter From Ray

Even amidst crisis and pandemic Ray’s words remind us there are always rays of hope.

“Today I am sending you this message of appreciation and gratitude as I have moved into my new home in Boulder at the Canyon Pointe Apartments.

I truly miss your stern determination and foresight in so far as what I needed to do to get to where I am at today. I miss your friendship and the confidence that you showed me however without those important factors I would have likely remained in the shelters and on the streets.

Thank You.

My stay at Inn Between was essential in that it was one step closer to renewing stability in my life and Marc and the staff there were also encouraging, supportive and instrumental to keeping me focused on the next necessary step. The food pantry, the diverse environment and other residents reminded me of what it was like to be back in society again at least at the minimal level.

On April 8th Marc offered me permanent residence at the Inn Between and I moved into another room at the Kimbark location. One hour after I moved into the new room Boulder Housing Partners contacted me and informed me that I had been awarded an apartment in Canyon Pointe and needed to move in immediately or be returned to the waitlist.

Fortunately, I had saved the few funds that I had in case this should happen and I had just enough to secure the apartment, rent a vehicle and make the move. Marc graciously agreed to terminate the lease and refund a prorated amount for the rent paid and the deposit. This will be essential in modestly affording some furniture and once again working toward building my savings again for other necessities.

My health is still good although I have gained a few pounds as a result of the restrictions from the current Coronovirus, but I look forward to daily walks as the weather warms and still intend to return to work these next twenty years. (My 65-85 Plan).

I feel very blessed to have fallen into the hands and guidance of everyone from Hope, from Alice to Susie…my favorite server at Faithpoint. I miss everyone, so whenever you have the time please extend my love to all.  I look forward to the day when I can return to Longmont to spend a little time and give some kind of service back for all that I received.

Take Care and be safe always…Ray

Note: Ray is a former client and these words were penned to our of client advocates just this month.

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