Stories From The Street

Pay it Forward

Last night on HOPE Street Outreach we were talking with a guy I’ll call J. He was really appreciative of the meal and very friendly. He looked forward to the day he could help out as a volunteer.

He told us his how he went from owning a home, having a good job, married with kids….then a major back injury…surgeries….lost work, home, family.

He remarkably still had a positive outlook on getting back on his feet and seemed to harbor no bitterness.

He had a cast on his leg and he told us that recent story.

He was making a camp where he hoped it would not be spotted by authorities…so he decided…put it in a tree! While constructing it he stepped on a branch that turned out to be dead and he fell and severely broke his leg.

He was on the ground unable to move, calling for help for a couple hours before someone downriver heard him and walked a couple miles just to get to him. It was another homeless person, we’ll call BB.

BB said, “get on my back, I’ll carry you.”

They did not want to call for help at the location for fear other camps nearby would be cleared by police.

BB carried him 1 1/2 miles to the Longmont Rec Center.

He said “No homeless left behind!”

J’s break was severe enough that he was in the hospital for a week and will require surgery. As J left us he asked us to look out for another homeless friend and tell him that he was looking for them to help them out with a problem they had.

Talk about a Good Samaritan and pay-it-forward, story!

-Ron, Street Outreach Volunteer